Keynote Presentations

Meet & Greet
  • Ms. Aluki Kotierk, President, Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated
Breakfast with Honourable Peter Taptuna
  • The Honourable Peter Taptuna, Premier of Nunavut
Lunch with Jeela Palluq-Cloutier 
  • Ms. Jeela Palluq-Cloutier, Director, Inuit Uqausinginnik Taiguusiliuqtiit
Breakfast with Honourable Monica Ell
  • The Honourable Monica Ell-Kanayuk, Minister of Economic Development & Transportation, Government of Nunavut
Lunch with the Neil Greig
  • Neil Greig, Senior Industry Consultant, Baffin Fisheries
Final Gala & Auction
  • Michael Doyle, Doyle It In

Plenary Sessions

Investing in Nunavut Infrastructure: The Next 10 Years Together, the Government of Nunavut & Government of Canada will invest one billion dollars in Nunavut’s infrastructure over the next 10 years. This session is an opportunity for contractors and investors throughout the territory to hear about the projects and to find out what opportunities will be available.
  • Darren Flynn, Government of Nunavut, Department of Community & Government Services
  • Stephen Hooey, Nunavut Housing Corporation
  • Monique Frison, Infrastructure Canada
Doing Business in Nunavut: The Benefits of Being a Chamber Member Come learn the basics about doing business in Nunavut as well as what being a chamber member means for you and your business or organization. We will go in depth into member benefits and how you can take advantage of them. Including a special presentation on new & upcoming benefits. Building a Better Backbone: Meeting our Broadband Challenge To meet the ever-expanding demand for faster and better broadband we must drastically increase the size of our broadband highway — our backbone — that connects our remote communities. Presenters will discuss possible business models and the financial and geographical strengths and weaknesses of existing and future satellite and fibre backbone options. How can we ensure Nunavut consumers benefit from large public and private investments in the essential backbone infrastructure?

Conference Sessions

Conference Session #1: Economic Opportunities through Development – Economic Strategy-Outlook As Nunavut explores and develops its resources there will be many opportunities for SME’s and Large Corporations to take advantage of the opportunities. This session will allow attendees to hear about some of the programs in place to support business growth. We will receive an update on the 2014-2024 Nunavut Economic Development Strategy. Conference Session #2: Business Development – Building Capacity for Tomorrow’s Opportunities In this session, panelist will share stories and lessons learned working with business owners, from successes, missed opportunities and failures. This is an opportunity for the presenters to review programs in place to help support business development and encourage entrepreneur’s growth. This will be an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the support available to help business grow in Nunavut. There are many opportunities for the development of Nunavut’s resources and many opportunities for business growth within the territory to provide the services that will be required. Conference Session #3: Innovation & Energy Nunavut’s unique geography presents many challenges when looking at ways to satisfy its energy needs. Panelists will focus on various projects that could help Nunavut achieve its goal to reduce its carbon footprint by offering better solutions for its energy needs. Conference Session #4: Fisheries – Working Together for a Better Tomorrow Fisheries programs protect, promote and enhance the sustainable use of our environment, and its natural & cultural resources by maintaining healthy ecosystems, and creating healthy & prosperous communities. This session will focus on the various opportunities for employment as a result of the growth of the sector. Conference Session #5: NNI – How the new NNI affects Business within the Territory. Is this a game changer? The Nunavummi Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti (NNI) policy, developed by the Government of Nunavut (GN) and Nunavut Tunngavik Inc (NTI), is the GN’s preferential procurement policy. Its objectives are: good value and fair competition in the procurement process; strengthening the territory’s economy; increasing Inuit participation; and education and training in Nunavut. In this session, participants will present and discuss the important changes to the new NNI policy that came into effect April 01, 2017 and how it affects GN contracting, followed by a Question & Answer period. How does it affect your business? Is it positive or a setback to economic development partnership between local businesses that have Southern Partners? Conference Session #6: Clarity to Run your Business In this session, you will receive a powerful outside vantage point providing increased clarity, guidance, support and most importantly accountability. Michael Doyle will empower you and help you grow our business in an ethical, healthy and sustainable way. He is prepared to work with to develop the habits, systems, and mindsets required to successfully run your business. Having lived in Iqaluit for 16 years he feels very connected to the North and is ready to help you find clarity to run your business. Conference Session #7: Building Partnerships for Success Coast to Coast to Coast This session will examine areas where other regions can work together and are currently working together to help support each other while creating a stronger territory. Panelist will talk about the existing relationships between Nunavut and their region.