Nunavut Tradeshow 2015

Welcome to the 24th annual Nunavut Trade Show & Conference!

There’s only one place, once a year, to really do business in Nunavut – the Nunavut Trade Show & Conference.  Our event brings together Nunavut businesses,  governments, suppliers, investors, entrepreneurs and the public for three days of networking.

It is an exciting time for Canada’s north. Mineral exploration is at record levels in all regions of Nunavut. We can expect significant economic growth throughout the territory.

For information on sponsorship, events and special events, check our website frequently or contact the Manager, Events & Member Services Sarah Bedford today for more information. We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 Nunavut Trade Show & Conference and encourage you to take part in Nunavut’s very promising future.

Jen Hayward

2015 Nunavut Trade Show & Conference Chair